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  • Acorn Stairlifts UK : Are your stairs getting harder to climb? An Acorn Stairlift could be the solution! Stairlifts for straight or curved stairs. A stair lift could change your life for the better. »

    Acorn Stairlifts is the largest manufacturer and supplier of Stair Lifts. With over 100, 000 Stairlifts provided to homes worldwide, Acorn is the worlds favourite Stairlift.

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  • Water Filters »

    Learn how you can improve the environment and purchase discounted water filters and water cartridges for your home and save your health.

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  • Air Systems Medical Supplies »

    Discount Medical Supplies, Medical Supply Store offers discount medical equipment, diabetic testing supplies, hospital beds, respiratory equipment and much more.

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  • Arthritis compression gloves »

    Doctor Arthritis is a medical company which developed and is now selling a range of copper infused compression sleeves for knee, ankle, elbow and calf and copper infused compression sleeves that help patients improve their lifestyle and reduce the symptoms of arthritis. Doctor Arthritis provides a reliable alternative to surgery and excessive medication.
    The copper infused compression gloves and copper infused compression sleeves developed by Doctor Arthritis help patients suffering from the disease improve their lifestyle by reducing the pain and ameliorating the symptoms. Doctor Arthritis is a medical company whose goal is to help patients feel better and healthier.
    Our solution is simple. We offer a range of joint compression products. They work largely on the principal of compression, which reduces swelling and has a remarkable effect on symptom control. Our products provide the perfect mix of compression and support. They are infused with copper, which has anti-odour and anti-bacterial properties. Additionally there are theories that copper itself may help reduce inflammation in joint disease.

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  • Woodbridge Medical and Surgical Supply »

    Woodbridge Medical and Surgical Supply specializes in home health care equipment, convalescent aids, orthopedic appliances, first aid equipment, supplies and training aids.

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  • Alcohol & Drug Test »

    Quality onsite diagnostic testing products Drugs, Alcohol, Pregnancy, Forensic, Miscellaneous, Saliva, Ovuations Test... etc .

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