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  • Antiques on Old Plank Road - French and English Antique, Vintage, and Reproduction Furniture and Accessories »

    Antiques on Old Plank Road is a direct importer of fine French and English furniture, decorative items, and garden statuary. We carry antiques, reproduction, and vintage furniture and are located near Chicago, Illinois.

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  • Fireplace Surround, Fireplace Screens »

    Au Coin du Feu Ltd offers one of the world's most extensive collections of antique European fireplace surrounds and accessories.

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  • Free Classified Ads Buy or Sell »

    Free Classified Ads Buy and sell: cars, bikes, motorcycle, trucks, caravans, pets, jobs, cameras, music, antiques. Sellers will find a simple, ad placement process, with the ability to upload photos with their ads.

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  • I Search Click - Australian & American Free Classified Ads Buy or Sell. »

    Free Classified Ads Buy and sell cars, boats, pets, machinery, real estate, personals, furniture Antiques, motorbikes. Australia & America Classifieds.

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  • Antiques dealers in USA »

    The best Antiques dealers in US, who offers you antiques like books, furniture, cars, jewelry and many more. The only thing you have to do is to visit us.

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  • Reproduction Fireplaces »

    Are you looking for reproduction fireplaces? Look no further than Thornhill Galleries - Reproduction Fireplaces. This is the website of the British Company with the same name that supplies marble, wood or stone antique fireplaces to British customers all across the United Kingdom and Europe. In addition to the bespoke antique fireplaces, they also supply antique fireplace accessories, antique firebaskets, firegrates, firedogs and basically anything that you might need for your antique fireplace. The broad number of antique fireplaces manufactured at the Thornhill Galleries is an example of tastefulness that can have a great impact the design of your living space. Providing different styles of marble, stone, metal or wood reproduction fireplaces, the company is set to satisfy each customer request and wanted design.

    Thornhill Galleries - Reproduction Fireplaces is a company based and operating in the United Kingdom that supplies countless models of antique fireplaces to discerning customers. This company values the quality of its craftsmanship and its reproduction antique fireplaces which are delivered to customers all over the United Kingdom and abroad.
    Giving a vintage look to each room where they are installed in, the antique fireplaces are a piece of classic art that are definitely going to visually transform your home space.
    There is an increasing demand for British suppliers of antique fireplaces and reproduction antique fireplaces and this company is one of the leading in this sector.

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  • Antique shops Antique Dealers Art Deco »

    Newel's inventory of Art Deco Antique Furniture is considered the most extensive in the world. The world's finest antique collection located in New York City.

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