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  • Cat Beds »

    Uk Based pet store run by pet lovers for pet lovers. Stocks many items including dog coats, harnesses and dog coats . Secure checkout and ordering process.

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  • European Dog Breeders Directory »

    European Dog Breeders Free Web Directory - only European Dog Breeders, search by Country or Breed, multilanguage list of breeds, FCI / UK Kennel Club nomenclature.

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  • Dog training collars »

    Dog training collars, Aboistop, Jetcare, Dynavet, remote training collars, invisible fence training, Frontline Spot On, Hills Prescription Diet, Royal Canin

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  • Dog Clothing - Small Dog Clothing - Big Dog Clothing - Designer Dog Clothing »

    We carry a huge collection of unique dog clothing, small dog clothing, big dog clothing, designer dog clothing, dog collars, dog leashes, dog boots, dog caps, dog jewelry, dog toys, dog beds and much more

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  • Dog Names and More »

    Find hundreds of unique and funny dog names as well as various breed information, along with dog grooming and training tips.

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  • Dog Collars, Dog Leashes, Lighted Dog Collars, Lighted Dog Leashes »

    These bright collars make your dog EASILY SEEN. Made of quality materials with great features The highly-visible leash creates a visible flashing line between you and your dog.E

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  • Custom made dog stairs and quality pet merchandise »

    Offering sturdy, indoor dog steps great for making any animal and owner feel more comfortable. Lucky Pet Furniture specializes in clothes, strollers, and carriers perfect for all of your pets needs.

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  • Help your Pet Get Up and Down with Carpeted Dog Stairs and Steps »

    Offers quality indoor pet stairs. Dog stairs are sturdy and carpeted and will help your pet get to where it needs to go, with out causing lifting pain from the owner.

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  • Dog Obedience »

    Dog Obedience training will improve your dog's behavioral problems immediately and open up a line of communication with you and your canine.

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  • Stop Dog Biting! »

    Tips and techniques to train your dog or puppy.

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  • Personal Protection Dogs - Total K9 »

    Total K9 offers for sale fully adult trained dogs, guard dogs, personal protection dogs and even police dogs. Total K9 also sells puppies and security and prison dogs.
    The company is managed by Robert Cammish, a ABIPDT Member and NASDU Member which makes him a proven professional dog trainer.
    Do you own an agressive dog? Or you simply feel that you are owning a dog you can't control and it is more of a hassle and stress then an enjoyable partnership as it should be? Total K9 can help. Just visit the website now and reach out via a telephone call and you'll be able to book training sessions together with the Total K9 team and learn how to train and control your dog.
    Owning a dog should be fun and easy, if you don't find it that way then you should definitely consider some training sessions with Total K9.
    If you don't already own a dog but are thinking of doing so, why not go through the complete dogs for sale offer that Total K9 provides and you will surely find an already trained dog.

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